Masonry Construction Certificate

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The Masonry Construction certificate provides the opportunity to develop the basic skills of a 梅森 and is designed as an introduction to the trade. Students will focus on basic tool skills, trade materials, safety procedures, and terminology. Emphasis is placed on brick and block skill sets. These skills are developed through hands-on projects, which are preceded by theory lectures and demonstrations. Special emphasis is placed on the appreciation of the beauty and permanence of brickwork and on the development of pride in workmanship.

Students successfully completing the Masonry Construction certificate program find employment in the field as 梅森 tenders and 梅森s with experience and further education as forepersons or superintendents. Many 梅森s are self-employed.

All students completing the certificate program may enroll in the associate degree program.

A graduate of this program will be able to do the following:

  • Operate 梅森ry tools and equipment safely and effectively.
  • Use 梅森ry terminology.
  • Read blueprints to estimate materials quantity and pricing.
  • 布局 and construct footings.
  • 布局 and build a block foundation.
  • 应用 brick veneering to a structure.
  • Construct a 梅森ry arch.